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My Day Off!

I have been so blessed to have a career that I do not have to work weekends, and am also off on all federal holidays. I love it when I get long weekends. It always gives me time for some much-needed rest as well as catching up on things around the house. It is so easy to get caught up in the daily hustle-and-bustle that we sometimes lose sight of what we really enjoy doing. Blogging is one of those lately for me, and I truly hope to devote myself to getting back into writing fun posts and reading all of yours, as well!

I don't have a plan for my day off (and sometimes those are the best days!), but I will update this post with what the day holds.

Reader's CircleDo you work on federal holidays?What do you like to do on your days off?Did you have a fantastic weekend?
Recent posts

It Feels Good to be Back!

I missed blogging so much and cannot wait to get in the swing of things again. :) Just wanted to get a quick post out for those of you reading that you'll start seeing content from me beginning this weekend.

Thanks so much for checking in, it means so much!

Sunday Morning Breakfast

As I'm writing this mid-morning post, I am catching up on all of my favorite blogs and watching politics on tv (I am HOOKED!). I hope all of you are enjoying your Sunday morning. My husband is always on the go when it comes to the weekends and after being married almost one year, I am realizing that I need to start making breakfast more often. While I admit this is primarily for his sake, because he needs fuel for golfing long hours, it also has a nice side effect that I will actually eat breakfast too (I usually just drink lots of coffee...I know, awful!).

I have been doing really well at picking up fresh fruit and making sure to munch on it when I get into a snacking mode, as well as I always pack my husband some with his lunches during the week. So I included some fresh pineapple and blackberries this morning with breakfast to go along with this fantastic oatmeal recipe I found on Pinterest yesterday afternoon. This recipe for Chunky Monkey Morning Oats from She Well is the bom…

Tasty Tuesday: Brown Sugar Pork Chops

Hi, all! I hope that your Tuesday is full of lots of coffee, motivation, and happiness (if not, more coffee must be the answer!). I wanted to share with you this delicious baked pork chops recipe courtesy of Cupcake Diaries. I made her Brown Sugar Pork Chops on Saturday for dinner, and my husband and I loved them!
These were super easy to throw together, and the glaze was yummy enough for anyone to believe I spent hours making it (when it took seconds!). I hope you'll give this quick and easy recipe a try, and check out all that Cupcake Diaries has to offer!

Reader's Circle: What fun recipes did you make over the weekend?Do you have a tried-and-true recipe for those super-busy weekdays?

Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday! I hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend so far. In the final hours before the work week begins again, I hope to soak up what's left of it by relaxing with a cup of coffee and some television. In reality, I have a sink full of dishes and a floor that needs mopped - so that should come first!

As for yesterday, my Saturday was pretty uneventful - which was awesome for a change! I truly love being with my best friend, and going to tournaments with my husband, but it's so nice to have some me-time every now and then.

[Side note: This is your first peak at my lovebug (a.k.a. ladybug) obsession!] I curled up on the couch with my coffee, and I was a happy girl. I have a Keurig, and my current favorite K-Cup is the Starbucks Pike Place Roast Medium, and lots of International Delight Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream(I like a little coffee with my cream!). I picked up the newest Harry Potter book a couple of weeks ago, I just couldn't resist. It is the first book …

Tasty Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! This very early morning, I am bringing you a super yummy dessert recipe from an amazing blog that I love: Baker by Nature. I am all about finding new chocolate chip cookie recipes. Sure, there are only about five-thousand different recipes out there that all happen to claim they are the very best -- but it's always so fun to try new ways to make them. I am a huge fan of having tons of chocolate chunks in my cookies, the more chocolate, the better!

This recipe for Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookiesdelivers for my fellow "I want chocolate in every single bite" readers. While many of the chocolate chip cookie recipes tend to have a lot of similarities, this one has something truly unique: brown butter. Yum! I could really tell the difference between these cookies, and other chocolate chip cookies that I've made without the brown butter.

I know you'll love these cookies just as much as I did. Be sure to check out all of the yummy recipes that Baker …

Starbucks' New Craze

Pictured above, you'll see the newest drink from Starbucks -- meet the Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato. I am obsessed with Starbucks (you might guess that from the name of my blog!), and cannot wait to try this drink. I really love the Caramel Macchiato, so I can't imagine not loving this one! I plan on giving it a try sometime this week.

Reader's Circle:Have you tried the Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato?What's your favorite drink from Starbucks?