Sunday, July 31, 2016

Weekend Adventure: The Secret Life of Pets

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My best friend and I couldn't wait to see The Secret Life of Pets! We both love movies and are always counting down to the next one we have to go watch at the movie theater. It's awesome because we usually have the same taste in movies -- however, because we are such good friends, we compromise on the movies that one of us doesn't really want to go see. We both loved this movie! It was hilarious, and just adorable. 

I love animals in general and can relate to being the owner who leaves their kitty at home, thinking about how sad she looks when I leave and I wish I could stay with her instead of going to work or wherever I am going, and then wondering what she's doing while I'm gone. She's probably super sad, and just waits on me to come home. This movie was so much fun because while Max, the main pup in the film, felt the same way I think my kitty feels when I leave -- all of the others seemed to be having an absolute blast while their owners were gone (or their "humans" as they were called in the movie)! I won't include any spoilers in this post, but I just know you'll love the movie as soon as you see it! 

In addition to watching the movie, my best friend helped me on my mission to find a lamp. I've been married for nearly a year, and my husband has been opposed to buying a lamp (weird, I know!). He loves the massive amount of light that comes from our ceiling fixture, however, I prefer a much more intimate setting in the evening. After a long day at work, I love to sit and read my favorite blogs beside my end table -- and I knew it would be so much more enjoyable with a lamp that produced enough light to see, but dim enough that it would help me relax and get ready for bed.

Of all places, and we went a ton of places, I found the lamp at Walmart! I love that I can find such great deals there sometimes! I'll be sure to post of picture of it later on this week.

Reader's Circle:

  • Have you seen The Secret Life of Pets?
  • What's the last movie you watched at a movie theater? 

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